Dry Skin

Itching, flaking and irritation are all common symptoms of dry skin. Though it isn’t usually a sign of anything serious, it can be quite annoying and bothersome. While skin tightness after showering, redness, and rough patches on the skin are not necessarily anything to worry about, consulting with Dr. Wechsler may be best if these symptoms persist.

What Are the Symptoms? 

Dry skin is often temporary (some only get it in the winter, for example) but it may be a chronic condition. Signs and symptoms of dry skin depend on your age, health, location, time spent outdoors and the cause of the problem. Symptoms can include one or more of the following:

  • A feeling of skin tightness
  • Skin that feels and looks rough
  • Itching
  • Flaking, scaling or peeling
  • Fine lines or cracks
  • Redness
  • Deep cracks that may bleed

What Are the Causes?

This condition is a common occurrence among most people. Typically, dry patches and roughness characteristic of the condition appear due to environmental reasons. Exposure to dry weather in the winter, excessive heat, and harsh soaps can all reduce the hydration of your skin. While all can experience dry skin, certain risk factors may make its appearance more common in some. Those who live in low-humidity climates and those who swim in chlorinated pools may experience dryness more often.

How Can You Prevent Dry Skin?

The following tips may help prevent excessive dryness:

  • Moisturize! Moisturizer seals skin to keep water from escaping.
  • Limit water exposure, keeping bath and shower time to 10 minutes or less. Turn the dial to warm, not hot. Try to bathe no more than once a day.
  • Choose a gentle soap or cleanser.  Cover as much skin as possible in cold or windy weather. Winter can be especially drying to skin, so be sure to bundle up in the cold months when outside!
  • Wear gloves when cleaning and doing dishes. Especially if you are exposing your hands to harsh cleansers, wearing gloves can help protect your skin.
  • Practice healthy lifestyle habits (e.g., wear sunblock and don’t smoke, as nicotine acts as diuretic)
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Dry Skin Treatment on the UES

We treat a full range of skin conditions and address your overall well-being.* One of the many concerns that Dr. Wechsler addresses is dry skin. To schedule a consultation, contact us at 212-396-2500 or via email at info@dramywechsler.com.

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