The Mind Beauty Connection

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wished for a better-looking reflection? The way we look says so much about us—our confidence, our courage and character—and our positive attitude directly affects our appearance.

Treating issues psychologically is as essential as treating them topically. If you focus on just the mind or just the body, you're missing half the equation.

On a most basic level, the mind-beauty connection is about the powerful force that exists between our inner minds and outer appearances, and which is based on proven biochemistry. Astonishing new science is revealing just how our minds affect how well—and how fast—we age physically. This entails not only how we think and the behaviors that follow, but also how we cope with the madness of modern life, and preserve our bodies' self-healing and inherent beautification capabilities. What's more, scientists continue to uncover incredible insights into how our skin, in addition to our brains, is also an extraordinary command center for communication—able to effect change in our inner bodies and outer appearance in ways we never thought possible before.

Contrary to popular belief, skin is not just the passive barrier that we used to think it was. It's a very active organ. The mind and other organs all communicate with each other, both directly through nerves and indirectly through chemical messengers.

The rewards for honoring the mind-beauty connection go far beyond a quick fix. It's transforming. You'll not only look better, you'll also sleep better, feel better, and likely lose unwanted weight as you begin to feel healthier, less stressed, and more alive.

Whether you're twenty-two or sixty-two, there's so much you can do with great results without taking radical action or going under the knife. By taking a mind-body approach, caring for the skin becomes uncomplicated, effective, and empowering. After all, how you look is a vital sign of health—from your insides out.

About the Book:

Stress ages us. It's a scientific fact that negative emotions, sleep deprivation, and high-pressure schedules wear on our looks—especially our skin. As we all cope with ever-increasing career demands, household hassles, family pressures, and financial concerns, the stress is written all over our faces in the form of premature lines, skin spots, and sagging.

But here's the good news: Stress aging is entirely reversible. In The Mind-Beauty Connection, Dr. Amy Wechsler helps readers first determine their SkinAge, then embark on a 9-day renewal plan that readers can tailor to their psyche, face, unique stress profile, and wallet. Dr. Wechsler's mind-beauty regimens reverse the effects of tension and time, so not only will your skin look and feel terrific, but the person inside it will be happier and healthier, too. You'll learn:

Find out the answers, discover your SkinAge, and take the first steps to becoming happy from the inside and out.

It's not your age that's causing half those lines and crinkles. It's your life.
Dr. Amy Wechsler Dermatology. Treating each Patient with Patience.